Congratulations Graduates!

It's graduation month again! It's time to leave our alma mater and start a new stage in our lives... and that means looking for a job!

Lucky for us UA&P students, our market value in the different industries (especially the advertising industry) is pretty high. But there's another school out there, where its graduates get hired even before graduation. And you've guessed it right! It's DualTech Philippines!!

Last March 1, at UA&P's very own Dizon Auditorium, another surreal graduation of Dualtech was held. Excitement filled the air as the graduates and their proud parents awaited for the ceremony to begin. Dualtech teachers couldn't be happier as they saw their students' dreams being fulfilled. The students' hard work was definitely worth it and has finally paid off.

Not only were the students, parents and teachers happy, even the big names in the industry were happy! Honda and Isuzu have a new reason to be happy because they know that the newest members of their team are excellent, skilled, dedicated and virtuous workers!

Cheers to all the Dualtech graduates! More power to Dualtech!

The truth about being Out of Place...

We have been promoting our blog (especially in UA&P) for months already and we hear the same comments every time. “Out of Place?! Why Out of Place, of all the names you can think of!” “hahahah! Out of Place?! You guys are out of place…unlike the other blogs!”, etc. In fact, we are used to all these negative comments and what-not. What more can we ask from you but a little curiosity and little attention? How else can we make ourselves known? How else can we make ourselves be noticed by people who have nothing to do but mind their own business? What else are needed to be fixed but those things that are out of place? You should have realized by now that we really want to generate these kinds of reactions from you.
Come to think of it. We are altogether “in place” (we are fortunate to have education) that is why we get along with each other well and we are more or less moving in a same and right direction. Thus, we do not bother each other much. But then, there are a lot of people we should pay attention to. They really are those who are out of place, and them being OP should make us notice them more precisely because they are not in the same level as we are right now.
Education is really important. There’s a need for every Filipino youth to be in the right place. There should be more schools like DualTech that really pays attention to the needs of the youth.

(image from:

Facts about Britney Spear's Misbehavior

Most of us know that Britney Spears has been doing a lot of crazy stuff nowadays. She has been driving her car into other vehicles, has beaten red lights, caught driving without a driver's license, hit and ran on some people, and oh who could ever forget the time that she shaved her head. There are many possible reasons behind her misbehavior but the facts reveal that her lost of child custody , her break up with Kevin Federline, and lack of education led to these misbehavior...

Her lost of custody of her children and her break up with Kevin Federline gave her some emotional problem that she could not handle. Too bad, she did not get a college education. So why is she misfortunate despite all of the fortune she has? College education could have taught her how to be ethical, and how to manage her emotions. The University of Asia and the Pacific, and Dualtech offer education that will not only improve their students' skills and intellect but also their character, values and behavior. Colleges and Universities provide these kind of education in order for people to become a better citizen and person. Although college education does not guarantee this, it also does not guarantee success. So why do we go to school anyway? School teaches us the things that we need to learn in our life but it is up to us whether we use it or not. Go to and learn things.

Flying High with Lufthansa

Entertain yourselves with these videos from Luftansa:

UA&P students are very much familiar with Lufthansa... some may have already enjoyed a ride on these great airplanes as they went on numerous trips to Europe, while others dare to dream that someday, they will be able to ride the airwaves with Lufthansa. 

But did you dear reader, especially the UA&P students, we, the more fortunate ones, the ones who are well-off, ever think about who made our trips to different countries through Lufthansa (and maybe other airlines too) possible?

It's the graduates of Dualtech that make our trips  all over the world comfortable, safe, and possible. These students work hard to make sure that the passengers, like the UA&P students, are safe and enjoy the most of their trips abroad. These students are passionate about doing things right and making things happen the right way, tirelessly making sure that the people who will use the airplanes they helped create, will have their memorable and enjoyable trips.  

The reason why Lufthansa Teknik Philippines loves hiring Dualtech Graduates is simply because of their great work ethics. They put what Dualtech has instilled in them (virtue and work) into practice.

So now, whenever you ride the airplanes of Lufthansa, always think about the people who made your trip possible: Dualtech Graduates!

Tell us, how did you find your most recent airplane ride? :D

It's all in the attitude.

Who ever said being out of place was never cool? Almost 99.9% of the time, people assume that if you’re out of place, you’re the biggest loser. That means you’re always out of the loop when it comes to the latest gossip, the last person to pick up on a secret – heck, you were probably the last kid in you’re 3rd grade class to know that the tooth fairy didn’t exist. But contrary to popular belief, being out of place can actually be what makes you stand out. It’s what makes you unique -- competitive advantage is what the marketing students over in the UA&P would call it.

But making your distinct advantage work for you is all in the attitude and in the way you carry yourself. Respect yourself and flaunt what you’ve got. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone (which doesn’t mean that you should go ditch your friends and fly solo, just don’t allow yourself to drown in the views that your friends may believe in but you totally disagree with). Sure, it’s scary, but marching to the beat of your own drum every once in a while never hurt.

That is why we should make the most of our school experiences. Carrying the proper attitude towards our studies (and all other aspects of life) such as that of the students in DualTech made them emerge determined, strong, positive, and ready to face the real world with confidence. Now THAT’S cool.

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